Did you know that Texas Workers Comp will pay up to $265,370.00 and even more for lifetime Comp? Good luck getting it without us.

Are you having these problems? If you’re not you will.

“I can never reach my adjuster on the phone.”

The adjuster is not really there to help you. We are. We will get your adjuster, and we will get answers to your questions. We are here to help you. Your company an the insurance company are on one side and you are on the other. Why not have someone on your side to help you?

“Why isn’t my surgery getting approved?”

Many Unfortunately a lot of times, you were sent to a company doctor or you mistakenly went to one. We will help you get a doctor who will treat your injuries, and we will fight to get all of your injuries accepted. We work with your doctors to show how your injury is a covered injury and fight the insurance company. We fight and win.

“Why isn’t workers’ comp paying my medical bills?”

If you are being treated for more injuries than the insurance company is accepting, they won’t pay for medical bills. There are two sides to the insurance company which you need to know. One side may approve or “preauthorize” medical treatment but on the other side, the adjuster may not pay for it. You need to be careful when they say medical treatment is approved because that doesn’t mean it will be paid for. We can help you understand this more and help you with trying to get your injuries accepted. Don’t go through this alone. You need someone on your side to explain what is going on so at the end you’re not stuck with thousands of dollars of medical bills.

“Why am I not getting paid?”

There are a lot of reasons why you may not be getting paid. The main reason is because the insurance company wants to make more profit at your expense. The second cause us your ultra conservative doctor said you could work but, you can’t work. This is wrong. You need to get help and we can help you. You need to get to a doctor who can treat your injuries. Another reason why you may not be getting paid is because your company offered a job which isn’t which is not within your restrictions and you cannot do that job. However , because your company offered you the job, and you can’t do it, your company says they don’t have to pay you and the insurance company says they don’t have to pay you either because you can do this job and you chose not to. This is incorrect. We would fight to get you a job you can actually do and if you company cannot give you a job within your doctor’s restrictions then the insurance company has to continue your comp. Let us help you. Don’t go through this alone.

“I received a letter from workers’ comp disputing my claim. What does this mean?”

If the insurance company can deny your claim, they will. Unfortunately, a lot of time, they say there are inconsistencies with how you said you were hurt versus how the company says you were hurt. Your company may say you weren’t hurt at all (they lie.) Also a lot of the time, you may think you don’t need a doctor and the pain will go away for awhile so you don’t report an injury to your company. Because you waited those few days, the insurance company will try to deny your claim saying you were injured somewhere else and not at work because you didn’t report an injury the day you were hurt. Call us and let us help you with your claim. We won’t let them get away with all their lies and tricks. We’ve seen it all before.

If Your Workers’ Comp Weekly Check Isn’t $850 per week contact us now! To correctly calculate your Texas Workers Comp Check

  • Add your last 13 weeks of gross pay;
  • Plus Overtime;
  • Plus Health Ins;
  • Plus Dental & Eye Glass Ins;
  • Plus Paid holidays;
  • Plus sick days;
  • Plus vacation days; and
  • Plus uniforms, free parking, etc.

5 Reasons to call Ogletree, Abbott, Clay & Reed Law Firm.

  1. We Represent more Texas Workers’ Comp claimants than any other law firm.
  2. We are the leading Texas Workers’ Compensation law firm.
  3. We win more than other Texas law firms.
  4. We represent clients everywhere in Texas in all 22 DWC offices.
  5. We wrote the book entitled “Texas Workers’ Compensation for Injured Workers”.

Our Clients are the Salt if the Earth and we would do anything we can to help them

At Ogletree, Abbott, Clay & Reed clients aren’t a number. Each client represents a family, a life, and someone with a story that needs our help. We take that seriously and make it as easy as possible for you to get the help and benefits you deserve. You can meet with us for free by calling 281-444-COMP, starting a Live Chat, or emailing us. We can even meet in your home so you don’t have to worry about going somewhere new. When you meet with one of our attorneys you will be meeting with a normal Texan, just like you. We have law degrees but we are people before we are lawyers. Many of us went to high school, college, and law school in Texas. We never talk down to our clients because we all came from the same place and it’s our job to make your life better, not make you feel bad for not understanding the law.

We have been helping clients since 1981 and 90% of our cases are Texas Workers’ Compensation claims and appeals. We deliver the best results for our clients, which means more money and better medical care. Texans have come to trust Ogletree Abbott to take care of them and their families. It is a trust well placed because we never stop fighting for your rights.

If you aren’t receiving $850.00 per week from Workers Comp you need to call us today, even if you don’t want to

If you are making less than $850 per week you could be missing out on money that your family could use to pay bills and live more comfortably. We chat with a lot of injured workers that are making less than they should because their employer and the insurance company didn’t calculate their income right. Many people are making at least $200 less per week than they should. That is $800 per month! It is the insurance company’s job to pay you less than you deserve. It is our job to get you more money. To Learn More and see if your benefits check can be increased call us at 281-444-COMP today. The phone call won’t cost you anything and could leave you with more money in your pocket.

Our Attorneys are your neighbors and they are easy to talk with for Free

You can Learn More about Texas Workers Compensation law and how to increase your benefit checks by giving us a call. There is no cost for a consultation and you’re not obligated to hire us. We will answer your questions and give you advice on what to do. We figure that if we help you now, you may call back when you decide to hire a lawyer.

There’s no up front cost for us to take your case! Our fees come out of the money we get for you and we don’t take an automatic percentage of the case. We only bill by the hour so you keep more money, and fees can never exceed 25% of what is paid to you

If we don’t get you money – you don’t pay a dime!

More Texas injured workers call Ogletree, Abbott, Clay & Reed than any other law firm in Texas and they’ve been calling us since 1981, when Mr. Ogletree started this firm. Bill Ogletree went to high school, college and law school right here in Houston. He and his wife, Norma, have been married 43 years and have two children who both graduated from college. They also have two grandchildren. They know what it takes to raise a family and Mr. Ogletree is committed to helping our clients by making life a little easier.