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Everyone who has a workers’ compensation claim needs a workers’ compensation lawyer, no exceptions! People say, “I’m getting my comp check why do I need a workers’ comp lawyer? First, our experience shows that the majority of people receiving workers’ comp checks are being short-changed. Let this sink in for a minute. It’s bad enough being injured, off work and having to live off workers’ comp checks but to be short-changed on your comp check too? Why would an insurance cheat you out of workers’ comp benefits? Let that sink in for a minute.

From my 33 years experience as a lawyer I find that insurance companies always try to short-change people who file claims against them. You probably haven’t thought about the fact that you did file a workers’ comp claim against the insurance company and your employer, but you did or you wouldn’t be getting workers’ comp checks or getting your medical bills paid by the workers’ comp insurance company, right? Insurance companies almost never pay what they should because it’s in their interest to pay less on claims, not more. The insurance industry is the largest in the United States and if you think they got this way by being “Santa Claus” you are mistaken.