Texas Workers Comp Attorneys Get Injured Worker’s a Better Doctor

We work with injured workers throughout Texas that were hurt on the job and can’t get better because they are going to a company doctor and need to see a specialist or someone that can give them the treatment they need in order to fully recover. The insurance company will try to force you to see a company doctor because they can control the cost and the level of impairment rating. This is not in your best interest. Hiring Texas Workers Comp Attorneys means you will get better medical treatment because we make sure you can see the doctor that you need to.

Does my doctor make a difference in my workers comp case?

Yes, seeing the right doctor will help you to recover faster. It will also help you to get the money that you deserve. A good doctor will count every area of your body that is hurt after an accident. This means that all of your medical bills will be paid, not just the specific part of your body that was injured. A good doctor will also make sure that your impairment rating is correct which will lead to larger benefits checks.

This worker asked for help nine months after an injury.

Our client was going to the doctor but the medical treatment wasn’t working. It wasn’t helping him to get better and he was getting frustrated. He was a carpenter that was right handed so when he injured his right elbow it became too painful to get work done. He had a right elbow fracture and his original doctor gave him a full release to go back to work. He tried and was eventually laid off but the pain kept going. He asked for a new doctor to see if that would help.

At first his claim was denied so his Texas Workers Comp Attorneys had to prove that his request was allowed under the law. They proved that he needed a new doctor because he couldn’t get better and the Texas Workers Compensation laws are supposed to make sure that workers can recover to the full extent possible. The injured worker testified to the Texas Workers Comp Attorneys that “I had constant pain in my elbow, all the time I was working.” The Texas Workers Comp Attorneys also showed how the worker’s right elbow injury hindered his ability to do his job, especially over time.

They won the case and the new treating doctor found that he had a prominent spur in his right elbow and diagnosed him with tenosynovitis. This was a stronger diagnosis than he had gotten before and meant that he could not do any heavy duty work like he was supposed to as a carpenter. Basically the more he kept working, the more pain he would be in. We made sure that he could get the treatment he needed to recover and not make his injury worst by doing activities that would cause more damage and pain.

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If you were injured on the job we can help you to get the medical treatment you need to get well again. Even if your injury happened a while ago, like in this case, there is still hope. We are here to answer your questions, give you advice, and fight for your rights. We won’t charge anything to get started so call 713-222-COMP today and let our attorneys work for you!