Texas Workers Comp Employee Benefits

Do you know if you are receiving the proper amount of Texas Workers Comp Employee Benefits weekly of Temporary Income Benefits (TIBs) from the Insurance Carrier?  If you are not receiving $766.00 you need to contact an attorney immediately because you could qualify for more than you think.

Texas Workers Comp Employee Benefits are calculated by looking at the gross amount of wages you made for the thirteen (13) weeks before your injury.  The week you were injured does not count in this calculation.  Your gross amount is your earnings before any deductions, such as taxes and social security.   You need to add up the gross amount of your earnings for the 13 weeks prior to your injury and divide that by 13 to calculate your Average Weekly Wage (AWW).  If you get paid every two weeks, you can use the 14 weeks prior to your injury and divide by 14 to calculate your AWW.  Once you do that, take your AWW and multiply that by 70% (.70).  This is the amount of Texas Workers comp Employee Benefits you should be receiving every week from the Insurance Carrier, not to exceed $766.00 which is the maximum amount you can receive for a 2011 workers’ compensation injury.

If you have any questions regarding your weekly benefits from the Insurance Carrier, you should contact a workers’ compensation attorney that has the proper knowledge of Texas Workers Comp Employee Benefits.  A compensation attorney will make sure you are being paid the correct amount of benefits.  Many times Carriers intentionally leave out overtime, per diem, and additional benefits your Employer pays you or calculates into your salary.  All of these items should be counted in your AWW to make sure you receive the highest amount of benefits possible.

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