Top Reasons You Need a Workers Compensation Attorney

When you experience a work-related injury, you will need to file a claim with benefits with your employer in order to receive money to pay your medical bills, as well as to provide you with income if you are disabled or cannot work. This claim is made through the worker’s compensation system. If you are making a workers comp claim, there are many reasons you will need to consider hiring a workers compensation attorney. Here are the top five reasons why hiring a workers compensation attorney is important.

1)      Workers compensation is your only chance to receive compensation

Workers compensation has been established as an exclusive remedy system. This means that you cannot sue your employer in a standard civil or personal injury lawsuit if you suffer a work-related injury. Instead, you will have to make a compensation claim.  If your claim is not successful, you’ll have no recourse and you may not be able to get benefits at all.

When you hire a workers compensation attorney, you have expert legal help in submitting your application so you reduce the chances of your claim being denied. If your claim is denied, your attorney can help you to appeal and turn that denial around.

2)      There are strict time deadlines for making a workers compensation claim

If you fail to notify your employer of your injury or to make a claim on time, you may lose the legal right to do so. The same is true for appealing a denial; if you don’t act within the deadlines, you may be forever barred from appealing.

A workers compensation attorney knows the time deadlines and will help you to comply with all of them so you are not prevented from getting the benefits you deserve on a technicality.

3)      Your employer is not on your side

While you may believe that your employer and his workers compensation insurer have your best interests at heart, in many cases, they are really focused on their bottom line and on cost containment. This is true even when your employer is a legitimately nice person, since your employer’s insurance company may be calling the shots.

4)      Workers compensation insurers and employers have experts and legal professionals on their side

Your employer, or at least his insurer, know the law and they know what their legal rights are. As a layperson who has suffered a work injury, chances are good that you are not familiar with the workers comp system or at least that you are not as familiar with it as a legal expert would be. A worker’s compensation attorney will guide you through the system, acting on your behalf and protecting your legal rights.

5)      Workers comp benefits can be denied

Although workers compensation is intended to provide broad protection to injured workers, a claim can be denied for any number of reasons. A workers compensation attorney can help to avoid a denial by preparing a solid application and can help to take necessary steps when a denial does occur to help the worker get the benefits he deserves.