Seeing a Specialist Under Workers Comp

When you suffer a work injury as a result of performing your job, you have certain legal benefits available to you. These benefits come through the workers compensation system. Employers are required to buy workers compensation insurance on their employees in order to protect workers against the financial costs of an injury at work. The workers comp insurance benefits are supposed to provide you with a broad range of coverage, but in some cases, you may need to speak with an experienced attorney to get the coverage that the law says you should regarding your work injury.

Visiting a Doctor Under Workers Comp

One of the benefits that your employer must provide to you in the event of a work injury is medical payment benefits. Under state workers compensation rules, this means your employer has to pay the costs of your medical treatment that arise from a work-related injury.

However, while employers have to pay the cost of medical treatment, the law allows them to have some input as to where a patient goes to get that treatment. The extent of the input that employers actually have is going to vary, but in general, an employer may tell you which doctor to go to or may give you a list of qualified physicians from which you can choose. If you have a restricted list of medical professionals provided by your employer, you’ll need to go to someone on this list for treatment in order to have your medical bills covered.

Of course, your employer can’t just send you to some inexpensive and incompetent doctor though. As such, if you believe your physician is not providing you with the care you expect and need in order to recover, you can consult with an experienced workers comp lawyer to find out how best to proceed in correcting the problem.

Seeing Specialists

Employers should pay for all necessary medical treatment as long as the treating physician believes it is the proper course of action and the medical treatment or procedure is accepted. Sometimes, however, workers comp insurers will try to keep costs down by limiting access to specialists or otherwise trying to avoid paying for high-priced medical help that you need for your work injury.

Not being able to see a specialist or being limited in who is going to provide your care can be extremely detrimental, especially in certain instances. For example, if you have suffered a burn and need skin grafts and plastic surgery, you will want a specialized plastic surgeon performing your operations. Your employer’s workers compensation insurer may need to be convinced of your need to see such a specialist before payment is made to the professional you wish to seek help from.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to see a specialist and are being denied access, contact an experienced lawyer for advice and assistance as soon as you can. Your lawyer will help you to fight to get the medical care that you need to recover to as close to 100-percent better as possible.