Workers Comp Attorney Helps with Back Pain Claim

Lower back pain is a common work injury and one that is most often ignored by employers – which is why a workers comp attorney usually has to get involved. This was the case where the injured worker suffered from chronic lower back pain while working as an assembly lineman. He began to feel the pain in the winter of 2010 and reported it right away, but continued to do his job. After 4 months, the pain became unbearable and sought medical attention. It was determined that he was suffering from a bulging disc and needed physical therapy, as well as an extended leave of absence. This worried him because he could not afford to be off work. He hired a workers comp attorney to make sure he got full workers compensation benefits.

Workers Comp Attorney Obtains Testimony from Various Witnesses

It turned out to be a good thing that the injured worker hired the workers comp attorney because his employer refused his compensation case. The employer claimed that he had a prior back condition and was only trying to blame it on his job. There was no prior back condition. The attorney had his work cut out for him. First, he requested all previous medical records to prove that there was no prior injury to his back.

The workers comp attorney also obtained the testimony of several physicians. These doctors stated that the type of injury he suffered could happen in his line of work. The workers comp attorney did not stop there. He obtained testimonies from various co-workers about the repetitive nature of their jobs and the back pain the work can cause. They also testified how he was dedicated to his job, discussing how he worked through many months of pain.

Workers Comp Attorney Works Hard for Success

The workers comp attorney had witnessed many cases where employers tried to take advantage of employees by claiming a prior injury. Just like in this case, it was typically not true, but without
appropriate legal help, the employer will win. In this case the workers comp attorney put up a fight in court and his legal prowess paid off. The workers comp attorney obtained an award with benefits to cover present and future medical bills, as well as all lost wages.